Ideas for the perfect festival outfit

Ideas for the perfect festival outfit

Thumping basses, bright colours and creative looks at festivals set the festival mood, but having the right style is very important for many festivalgoers. From playful boho dresses to casual denim jackets, avid festivalgoers start getting their wardrobe ready well in advance. Festival outfits should not only match your own personality, but also be practical and hardwearing. This is the only way that any open-air fans can enjoy the festival whilst withstanding wind, rain and sun.

In this article, we will answer all your questions about festival outfits. We will also give you some new inspiration and share some practical fashion tricks. 

Inspiration for festival outfits: the most popular festival looks for men and women

Not only do influencers and celebrities set trends with their festival outfits, but the summer fashion trends are often inspired by styles from open-air events.  The summer trends give off a bright and airy feeling, which creates a sense of high spirit and positivity. There are several timeless festival styles that have stood the test of time and are worn every year, such as: a sporty look, boho, or rock look. In addition, there are other looks such as tie-dye, which stands out with its patterns, materials, and colours.

Boho festival outfits

Boho is a romantic fashion style that was influenced by bohemian, hippy looks and ethnic styles. The boho style represents creativity and freedom as it’s a comfortable look, which is light and airy. In recent years, the creative style for great festival looks has become popular again, also due to the popular Coachella music festival in the USA. The light and airy look is perfect for warm days at an open-air event, as your outfit is stylish and practical at the same time.

  • A couple of boho-inspired tips for your festival outfit:
  • The typical patterns and styles are flower prints, fringes as well as unusual ethnic patterns.
  • Boho has earthy colours such as brown, beige, orange, or olive.
  • Boho outfits for women: loose dresses, skirts, blouses or cardigans.
  • Bohemian outfits for men: smart trousers or jeans with a light shirt.
  • As accessories hats or braces and any eye-catching jewellery.
A casual women’s boho outfit would be a loose maxi dress, rugged boots and a denim jacket. The mix between creative and rustic gives it a modern look. Even denim lovers can create their own boho look combined with a romantic blouse and a crochet cardigan, using accessories like bracelets and necklaces or hair accessories such as bandanas.

Men’s boho festival outfits are quick to put together: Simply add a bohemian touch with a pair of chinos and a floral shirt. Of course, you can combine the look with a pair of jeans instead of chinos, but if you want to make your outfit look even smarter add some braces to your look. To finish off your perfect boho look add a hat to your outfit.

Rocky festival look

Do you prefer a more edgy style? If so, then the rocky look is the perfect look for you. To get the look you would wear band t-shirts, frayed jeans and a bucket hat washed.  The rocky look is a cool look, and it also expresses a sense of self-confidence. Glam rock, for example, combines rock elements with clothes that are suitable for everyday wear. This way you can put your own stamp on your own individual rocky look.

Inspiration for your rocky festival outfit:

  • The choice of colours is quite neutral, such as black or grey. If you are brave enough, you can also use more colors, for example red.
  • Those who are looking for a more girly festival look can combine a pair of jeans with a blouse and a leather jacket. Alternatively, you could wear a band t-shirt with a skirt.
  • For men, all they need is a pair of jeans, a leather jacket and a t-shirt to complete their rocky look. Rugged boots could be added to complete the look. If you want to make your outfit a bit smarter, add some leather shoes.
    Tie-dye outfits for festivals:
    This special dyeing technique creates interesting patterns and shapes on clothes. The colourful look has been back in trend for a while and can now be found on bags, shirts, or dresses. Tie-dye is popular at festivals because it helps to give off positive and high-spirited energy.

    Tips on getting the perfect tie-dye festival outfit:

    • If you’re looking to give the tie-dye look a go, then we recommend starting with a t-shirt, which you can combine with a pair of trousers and a denim jacket.
    • The ones who are a bit more brave-hearted can choose dresses or trousers with a colourful pattern. It's best to wear it with a neutral-coloured garment to balance out the look.
    • Tie-dye lovers can opt for an entire outfit, for example trousers and hoodies, but you need to make sure that the design of the patterns matches.
    Festival outfit tips and tips on how you can keep your outfit looking good:
    You don’t know if you can still wear your outfit as it has torn seam? Or are you worrying that your clothes are no longer fresh? Don’t worry, we have a couple of tips on how you can wear your clothes for longer.The first step is to make sure that you put deodorant and/or a body mist spray on your checklist. After you have been dancing it will help you to freshen up. If you know how to use a needle and thread, you could also consider taking a small sewing kit with you, as then you can quickly fix any fashion problems such as an open seam or a torn strap. Any small rips or tears, you can also temporarily fix with a safety pin.

    Summary: how to find the perfect festival look:

    Having the correct festival outfit is an important feel-good factor. From romantic boho to colourful tie-dye, these tried-and-tested looks will make you look very cool and trendy at any open-air event. These outfits will show your own personality. The various festival styles are not only fashionable, but they are also practical. These outfits allow you to create a layered look, which you can then adapt to the weather conditions. The right choice of hairstyle, make-up, or accessories help to complete your look or add a personal touch, which is important at a festival. You are going to be well-prepared for your next festival if you take the weather conditions into account and put your outfits together wisely.

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